Triple Guarantee

1.Money Back Guarantee

If you are not entirely happy with your first lesson we will refund you.

No quibble.

No questions asked.

Just a friendly hand shake and wishing you well on your journey to pass your test with another school.

The thing is we are good, we know it, so we are guaranteeing you a top level service.

2. Pass Promise

This is how the Pass Promise works.

  1. a) You will have at least one session of training a week lasting for 2 hours. If you miss a week you have to make the week up by doubling up. Failure to do this will invalidate the Triple Guarantee
  2. b) You will have completed your Pupil Progress Chart.
  3. c) You will have passed a mock test.
  4. d) All tests are booked in the knowledge and agreement of your instructor. Any tests not booked with the knowledge and agreement of the instructor will invalidate the Triple Guarantee.
  5. e) If in the event you fail your test you will be required to take one 2 hour remedial lesson per week until the 2nd test. Failure to do this will invalidate the Triple Guarantee
  6. f) Should you not, for any reason pass your test 1st time the instructor will pay for the second test
  7. g) All tests and lessons are conducted with a Clearways Driving Instructor

3. 2 Year Driving Licence Warranty

Once you have passed your driving test you are technically on a probation. In the following two years if you rack up 6 points on your licence; you have to re take your driving test and we don’t want that to happen.

Therefore, for any reason, if you feel you would like a free refresher lesson after you have passed your test we can help you. You might want the lesson because you are driving a new car for the first time or maybe you have had a speeding fine.

  1. a) You are entitled to 2 hours of refresher lessons for 2 years
  2. b) You cannot exchange, swap or sell the lessons
  3. c) Lessons you didn’t take can’t be carried over into the following year
  4. d) Refresher lessons are not for advanced lessons such as Pass Plus or motorway lessons


The Driving Licence Warranty is perfect for all learner drivers.