A lot of learner drivers just like yourself are looking for quality driving lessons in Essex,  and we think we offer you a better deal than any other driving school in the area.

We know that you have some important concerns about learning to drive.

You would like to be able to pass the first time. It would be good to have a nice and friendly driving instructor. And you want to save as much money as possible & avoid getting ripped off.

Right now we are going to show you how to save over £500 on lessons!

 To save £500 you just need to think smart.

Many learners waste serious amounts of cash because they take hourly lessons or one lesson a week. Now if you went to school and did French, or you are learning the guitar and you just did one hour a week of practice, it’s going to take you a long time to learn. Why? Because you forget things. (This is called skill fade !)

Also, you can learn much more in one 2 hour lesson than in 2x 1 hour lessons so that alone will mean you need at least 10 hours less than if you have 1 hour lessons.

Now imagine how much your learning will be accelerated if you have 2×2 hour lessons each week. With little to no skill fade our experience shows you will need 15 to 20 hours less than normal, saving you an average of £500 !!!

When you combine this saving with our unique “TRIPLE GUARANTEE” we believe choosing Clearways School of Motoring  is the best way forward for getting quality and value for money driving lessons in Essex.

You can learn in total confidence with Clearways School of Motoring.